Mulled wine with eggnog

Mulled wine with eggnog

Quentão, also called mulled wine, combines with cold and June party. All over the country we can discover different mulled wine recipes, including hot wine with eggnog that some people claim to be the best mulled wine recipe!

But what is special about the eggnog mulled wine? Although the combination of wine with egg yolk seems unusual, the truth is that the mulled wine with egg nog is even more tasty and slightly creamy, being an alternative to simple mulled wine.

Do you want to know how to make hot eggs with eggnog in your house in an easy way? Check out this recipe for hot wine with eggnog from TudoReceitas and try it out!

Ingredients for making mulled wine with eggnog:

For the mulled wine:

 2 liters of soft red wine

 100 milliliters of water

 100 milliliters of cachaça (optional)

 3 tablespoons of sugar

 1 cinnamon stick

 1 tablespoon of cloves

 1 slice of fresh ginger (amount to taste)

 1 apple

 1 orange

 1 lemon

Eggnog for mulled wine:

 2 medium eggs

 4 tablespoons of sugar

How to make mulled wine with eggnog:

First, sanitize the fruits, as they will be used with the skin in the preparation of this junino hotcake. Then chop the apple into pieces without the pits and remove the orange and lemon peel, avoiding the white part as much as possible, as it bitter the drink.

Place the apple, orange and lemon peels, sugar and spices (cinnamon, cloves and ginger) in a pan. Bring to medium heat and keep stirring until the sugar melts and begins to caramelize (more or less 5 minutes).

Tip: this step is very important to extract the maximum flavor from these fruits and spices!

After the previous step add a little water and stir to mix. Then add the remaining water, wine and, if you like, cachaça as well. When it boils (it will take about 10 minutes), lower the heat and leave for another 5 minutes, to refine the flavors.

Tip: if you prefer to use dry wine, add a little more sugar as this wine is not so sweet.

After the preparation of the mulled wine, make the eggnog for mulled wine starting by separating the yolks from the whites. Beat the egg whites with an electric mixer until they foam well and stay firm, as in the photo.

Add the sugar and beat again until you get a creamy egg whipped cream. Finally add the egg yolks at once and beat until well incorporated and obtain a very smooth and creamy mixture. That simple!

Tip: your eggnog will be more yellow if you use free-range chicken eggs.

Put the hot mulled wine in cups or glasses and add 1-2 tablespoons of the previous preparation, which is the eggnog for mulled wine. Mix, then drink and enjoy this mulled wine with delicious eggnog. Happy Holidays!

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